Guppy Classification Based on Their Colors


Guppy classification based on their colors
Guppy classification based on their colors: Guppies are available in almost every color. They coud have single solid color or combination of several colors. Male guppies have more variable color compare to female guppies and you may noticing it in the first sight. And here we go to their classification.

  • Metal guppies. Metal guppies have unique pigment cell called iridophores. These cell will secreted unique pigment that mimic their environment colors. This adaptation will help them to hide from their predator.
  • Solid colored guppy. Yeah, judge by it’s name, this guppy just have one single dominant color in their body and/or fin. The most typical colors include reds, blues, yellows and recently the breeder developt black Moscow which have solid black colors.
  • Albino guppies. The most indistungishable appearance from this guppy is their red eyes and their body-pigment which lack of black pigment melanin. The most typical colors of this guppies is white, yellows or reds.
  1. Red BiColor Guppy
  2. Red Guppy
  3. Purple Guppy
  4. Half Black Purple Guppy
  5. Multi Guppy
  6. Yellow Guppy
  7. Half Black Yellow Guppy
  8. Green Guppy
  9. Black Guppy
  10. Half Black Green Guppy
  11. Half Black Pastel Guppy
  12. Half Black AOC Guppy
  13. Half Black Red Guppy
  14. Bronze Guppy
  15. Half Black Blue Guppy
  16. Blue Guppy
  17. Blue Green BiColor Guppy
  18. AOC BiColor Guppy
  19. AOC (Any Other Color) Guppy
  20. Albino Guppy
  21. Females Guppy
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