Guppy Classification Based On Their Fin Type


Guppy Classification Based On Their Fin Type:

  1. Red Eye Guppies
  2. Round Tail Guppy
  3. Spear Tail Guppy
  4. Pin/Needle Tail Guppy
  5. Lyre Tail Guppy
  6. Sword Tails Guppy
  7. Fire Tail Guppy
  8. Flag Tail Guppy
  9. Veil Tail Guppy
  10. Delta/Triangle Tail Guppy
  11. Fan Tail Guppy
  12. A Guppy for everyone.

A Guppy for everyoneNow you know that guppies are classified into so many type based on their color, tail and their body pattern. Guppies are easy to care, so dont be hestitate to try keep them as your lovely pets.

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