Guppy Gallery: Blue


Guppy Gallery: Blue
Guppy Blue breeder Bryan Chin

Guppy Blue Y-link Moscow

Guppy Blue MBAG (Moscow Blau Additional Gene)

Guppy Blue Blue Tank Class

Guppy Blue Light Blue Delta

Guppy Blue with half colored blue body

















The blue guppy ranges from a sky blue to a dark blue. Females will show blue highlights in their fins.

  1. Guppy Blue: Y-link Moscow
  2. Guppy Blue: MBAG (Moscow Blau Additional Gene)
  3. Guppy Blue: Blue Tank Class
  4. Guppy Blue: Light Blue Delta
  5. Guppy Blue: with half colored blue body
  6. Guppy Blue: breeder Bryan Chin
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